Totem Bat


The Totem Bat, with its wings fully extended, is approximately 7.3” x 2.9“. This one of a kind design has wings which have a special track joint that allows the bat’s wings to extend and move! Each joint has a 1/16” hole for attachment. Please see our blog for more assembly options and project ideas.


Long used to represent all that goes bump in the night, more recently the bat has been garnering sympathy -and support- for its struggle with habitat loss and White Nose Syndrome. Most bats eat incects or drink nectar. As such, bats are beneficial to not only pollination, but also for controlling incect populations and disease. A single bat can consume between 600-1000 mosquito in just one hour! Nocturnal, bats are the only flying mammal. They use sonar and echo navigation to navigate their way through though the dark world. If you have a bat for a totem trust your instincts to hear the real message.

Idea: Pair with the Lace-Up Moon and Stars for a fun Nighttime scene.

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