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Totem Crab Product Description

The Crab Totem Poppet comes with a shell, two eyes, six claw pieces and six legs. Approximately 4″ x 4½”, this Totem Crab has 1/16” holes for assembly. You can also use a variety of attachment options including eyelets or mini brads… Please see our blog for more assembly ideas and projects.

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Totem Crab Meaning

Inherently linked to the ocean, and to briny marshlands, the crab lives within the cycles of the tides and the undulations of the waves. This, combined with the fact that once a year they shed their shell, the crab is a symbol of the cycles of renewal and regeneration. Because of their hard exoskeleton and hinged legs, crabs move sideways, never directly forward. If you have a crab as a totem, consider approaching your goals from a different direction.

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