Totem Seahorse


The seahorse is one of the most intriguing fish in the sea as it is one of the only known creatures in which the male actually has the babies! Seemingly delicate, the seahorse actually has a strong, protective external skeleton. To keep from from being swept away by the currents, seahorses wrap their tail around seaweed or coral. If your totem is a seahorse, hold on tight! You are stronger then you know.


The Seahorse Totem Poppet comes with one body, one torso fin, one head, and five tail pieces so you can wrap and curl your seahorse’s tail! Approximately 2 ½” x 3 ½”, this Totem Poppet uses 1/16″ eyelets for assembly. Although the holes in each piece are designed to take 1/16″ eyelets, you can also use a variety of other attachment options. Please see our blog for more assembly ideas and projects.

Additional information

Weight 16 g

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