Totem Wings, Scalloped, Small

$7.95 $3.97

These adorable wings are 2” wide by 3” tall and make great additions to the Lace-Up Corset or Lace-Up Broken Hearts. Six per craft kit, each wing has a 1/16” hole for attachment. Use a hole punch, or even a needle, to poke a hole in your base shape. Please see our blog for more assembly options and project ideas.


Mankind has sought the ability to fly for a millennium. Inventors, mystics, and artists have been fascinated by the depiction of wings and the power of flight. Wings are a symbol of freedom, imagination and strength. Learning to fly can be scary… But, here is where you can stretch your wings. So, go ahead and lose yourself in the moment with dreams of flight.

Also available with smooth edges or in extra large these wings make a great addition to a multitude of craft projects.

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