Are you into the latest Mixed Media medium or Art Journaling ideas?

  • Are you a mixed-media art journaling addict, who’s always looking for new ways to express yourself?
  • Perhaps you have a stash of textiles and that you have been hording for a rainy day?

If this is the case we have the perfect thing for you! The Lace-Up collection is made specifically for use with leather, lace, ribbon or string. Pick a design and then add your embellishments to make a statement! All of our products also come with a removable  front sticker so that you can incorporate all, or part, of the  write-up in your art journal.

Just small enough for use on a greeting card, or in your art journal, but big enough to make a serious IMPACT, EyeConnect Crafts’ designs are unlike any other chipboard embellishment on the market. Included with each design is a short write-up on the symbolism of the animal or what the shape represents. Use the write-up in your art piece, or use the ideas as an art journaling prompt.

Are you an Aspiring Artist?

  • Do you wish you could draw animals, but get frustrated that the proportions or the poses never come out right?
  • Do you wish you could add symbolism or a secondary level of meaning to your artwork, but don’t know how?
  • Do you want to add depth and interest to your art or to your projects?

If any of these sound like you we have just the thing. Our designs are made to make art easy! With our one-of-a-kind Totem Poppet animal designs you can quickly and easily put together a perfectly proportioned animal. Move their head, legs, wings or tail to pose your Totem Poppet and add action and emotion to your pet. Then add color and pattern to make your Totem Poppet one-of-a-kind and personalization to your artwork.

About the Designer

Our products were designed with the DIY, eco-friendly crafty individual in mind. I should know because that’s me, too! My name is Erin Sparler, and I designed the Totem Poppet and Lace-Up collections to be pose-able, personable and fun!

Erin Sparler, owner and designer of EyeConnect Crafts.

I visualized these designs nearly 13 years ago, when I was studying 3D Computer animation in San Francisco. It wasn’t until I had my son, Elon (whose name, by the way, means large tree), that I realized what the original pen and ink designs could become. I had always pictured them moving; perhaps animated in the computer, or as stop motion, but it wasn’t until I started getting into art journaling and mixed media that realized what great design elements for art journaling and scrapbooking that they could be! I spent a full year designing and testing each animal: researching mythology and meaning, and writing prompts to inspire your inner being and artist.

I was a Professor of Digital Arts for 11 years prior to starting EyeConnect Crafts, teaching everything from Photoshop to Art History. When I started raising my son full time, I wanted to continue helping people find a voice for their inner artist. This is how I’m doing it … by providing the basis for others to connect with their art, through an easy-to-use template that can not only be personalized through the addition of paint, paper, sting, ribbon or whatever, but also move-able and “pose”-able!

For those of you who want to explore art and express yourself to the fullest, without the major expense of classes, you can save money and time by adding our easily assembled customizable Totem Poppet or Lace-Ups!

With our design embellishments, you don’t have to waste your time worrying about whether it will look like the animal or figure you imagine. You just put your Totem Poppet together, pose it and get down to the fun part of adding color, zentangles, ribbons or enhancements.

So, go ahead and connect with your art!

Yours Truly,

Our Team:

Sarah Douglass – Editing and PR

Sarah Myers – Graphic Design

Greg Peck – Laser Cutting and Packaging

David A. Smith – Printing