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How to Make Lace-Up Sugar Skulls

It may be fall, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still be colorful! One of my favorite spooky themed projects is decorating sugar skulls. It’s perfect for teaching kids about Mexican art, Dia de Muertos, and even cultural appreciation vs. appropriation. For our latest skeletal creations, we used the Eyeconnect Craft Lace-Up Skull. **Right now there is a Halloween Sale, so you can get this and many other items for 50% off!

Lace-Up Sugar Skulls

The first step of this project is to give the skull a base color, preferably either white or black. I used a Kwik Stix, because they dry so fast and are mess free!

Next, I started to decorate my face with a variety of Smooch® accents I had on hand. How decorate your skull is up to you, flowers, swirls, and simply dots are always a good place to start. Traditionally, the names of deceased loved ones would be added to the forehead of a sugar skull.

Add little touches at a time and be sure to be mindful of when it’s time to STOP decorating! Otherwise, you’re likely to have a mess-up like I did. Can you see it, I tried to fill it in, not sure it helped.

Once you’re done and your skull has dried, use the shoelace to create teeth by simply lacing it through the holes. Trim your excess lace and use a hot glue gun to secure it to your skull.

As you can see in the picture, I didn’t punch out my pieces until after I had laced the teeth. It made it much easier, even if I had to be careful in removing them once I was done.

We attached a magnet to the back of this guy and put him on the fridge, but he’d be great on a card or in a scrapbook too.


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Sorry I was crabby card

We all get crabby now, and then and there is nothing like a nice apology card to smooth things out.  I made this “Sorry I was crabby” card with eyeConnect Crafts totem crab.


First, paint the eyeConnect Crafts totem crab while it is still connected to the cardboard.  I painted mine orange.  Let dry.

Using the black mini brads assemble the eyeConnect Crafts totem crab.  Glue on googly eyes.

Create an A2 card out of white cardstock. Add a die cut white panel to card front with sticky squares.  Next adhere a rectangle of patterned paper (I used my Cameo to cut mine out).  Stick the eyeConnect Crafts totem crab down with foam squares so it rises above the page but can still move its arms and legs.  Add detail to the eyeConnect Crafts totem crab with a gold gel pen.  Let dry.  This is very important, as you don’t want it to smudge.  I let mine dry for a few hours.  Lastly, using a letter stamp set ink out the words “Sorry… I was crabby.” and glue them to the card front.



eyeConnect Crafts totem crab

orange paint

paint brush

black brads

gold gen pen

patterned paper

white cardstock

rectangle die

die cutting machine

Silhouette Cameo

Lawn Fawn letter set

black VersaFine ink

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Halloween Crafts Sale!

DIY Halloween Decoration: Witch’s Brew Mason Jars!


50% off ALL Halloween Crafts

Make your Halloween Decorations original and movable. Get your kids involved in decorating with fun movable crafts for Halloween. Get 50% OFF ALL Halloween theme craft supplies.

Assemble your Halloween Totem Poppet crafts with black mini-brads (Also on sale for less than a $1!!) and hang them everywhere!

Follow along today as I make a craft post in stages!

Yesterday while at the Kmart with my children we saw some really cute mason jar’s that had tags around the lids that said things like frog poison, or witches brew,…

Today I’m going to make a DIY Halloween craft mimicking the decorative Kmart Halloween mason jars we saw using the Lace-Up Skull and Lace-Up Tags.

Step 1:

Poke the holes out of your Lace-Up Skull and Lace Up Tag designs.

(Tip: use a chop stick or the back of a paint brush to poke out the holes. if you poke the holes out first they’re less likely to get stuck in the chipboard with the paint.)

Step 2:

Paint your Lace-Up Skull and Tags! Let dry.

Step 3:

Paint the other side of your Lace-Up Skull and Tags. Painting Idea: you can paint your tag and skull completely black, or you can allow some of the chipboard to show through to make it look old-fashioned. Another option is to paint just the outside edges with a very rough brush stroke. In the example below I painted the backside of my Lace-Up skull with a dry brush that had very little paint on it. I just scrubbed it around the outer edges of the skull shape and the holes.Lace- up tag on the left with just the outside edges paint it black. Lease up tag in the middle with just the center painted black. And third Lace-Up tag painted completely black.

Step 4:

Decorate your tags with a silver paint pen or marker. Write spooky things, like cockroaches, poison, and brains for a Witches Potion.

Step 5:

Decorate your Lace-Up Skull with a silver paint pen.

Step 6:

Pop the Lace-Ip Skull out of the backboard chipboard. Save your chipboard to use as a stencil on a pumpkin or another craft project.

Lace the Lace-Up Skull and Tags with ribbon string or twine.

Tip: every time I buy new pair of pajamas, or something that has ribbon or string with it, I save it and put it in this Tupperware in the basement. That way when I have a project that requires ribbon or twine I just go dig through my ribbon box.

Step 7:

Hot glue your Lace-Up Skull to your mason jar. (Try not to burn yourself. Like me.)

Step 8:

Lace up the tags. Tie them around the mason jars and have your kids fill them up!

We used plastic cockroaches and added dead leave and grass and pine cones from our yard to make it look real.

We filled another with water and green food die for Posion.

And the last one we put cabbage in for brains!

And there you have it your very own DIY Witches brew mason jars craft for kids!

Halloween Paint Color Ideas:

  • Black (of course)
  • Silver !(To add a dash of sophistication to your Halloween decorations.)
  • Dark Red  or Maroon – To add the creepy aspect of Halloween.
  • Royal Purple – For a witchy feel
  • Even Midnight Blue – to add a feminine or romantic feeling to your Halloween decor.
  • Bright Orange – And don’t forget the Orange!

Ideas on Where to Use Your Halloween Craft Projects:

Not only can you make Halloween cards with these fun Halloween crafts. You can also use the tags to label bottles of potion ingredients. Hang they over the mantel, from a dinning room chandelier, or in a tree to create a mobile.

Halloween Craft Projects Roundup:…gn-for-halloween/

Halloween Craft Label Project Idea: Drink Me!…yeconnect-crafts/…riment-art-piece/

Mandala/Spider Web Project Idea

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The Itsy Bitsy Spider Card

Hello, dear friends!

Today is the first day of Autumn!!!

Lilian (The Leaf Studio) here today to share a fun card…using Totem Spider:


Here’s a video tutorial:

And here’s a photo with flash to show off the glitter from the Glitter Brush Pen:



Totem Spider

Sharpie Marker Black

Mini-Brads (I used white ones, but you can find the black ones HERE)

Glitter Brush Pen Clear (Spectrum Noir)

White and Orange Cardstock

Sequined Embroidery Thread in Black

Foam Tape

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How to Make A Marionette Using A Totem Poppet

There are so many amazing ways to craft and use the EyeConnect Totem Poppets, but one of my favorites is turning them into puppets. Marionettes are loads of fun to play with, but if you’ve ever tried to make one, it can get complicated in a hurry! Thankfully, the Totem Poppets are made to move, so turning them into marionettes is effortless.

Here’s how I turned the Wolf Poppet into a Wolf Marionette Puppet!

Making a Marionette Using A Totem Poppet

First, I started off by coloring my totem using an ink pad. I’ve sometimes learned the easiest way to get this done is to sponge the pad across my project.

Next, I wanted to add a molted look to the coloring of the wolf, so I used a spray ink. While it was wet, it looked perfect. Unfortunately, as you can see in the picture below, when it dried the spots completely disappeared.

Since I was still dead set on creating a detailed look, I used the Smooch accents to draw on fur.

Finally, I put my totem together using the mini brads. Then, I tied both ends of a piece of thread to the front and back of the wolf.

From there I simply looped it repeatedly around the two ends of the small dowel. You can always cut two individual pieces of thread and tie the totem to the dowel that way. However, I think it is easier to find the right length when you just wrap it around the dowel. That way, if a smaller child is playing with it, you can easily shorten it for them.



Totem Wolf

Mini Brads

Brown Ink Pads

Black Ink Spray

Smooch Accents

Small Dowel

String (I used a thick quilting thread)

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Totem Monarch Planter Decor

I have been inspired by all the great planter decor one can make, so I created this Totem Monarch Planter Decor with eyeConnect Crafts’ Totem Monarch.  I forgot to take photos of every step (sorry) but I have a few to guide you to the finish.


I started by painting the  Totem Monarch Planter Decor blue with Martha Stewart Craft paint in pool.  Next I added Tim Holtz small nautical stamps with VersaFine Ink and clear embossing powder.  I heat set the powder to get a water-resistant shinny look.  I then took some white acrylic paint and splattered it on top.

After the drips were dry I took clear glue and fine glitter and applied to the Totem Monarch Planter Decor here and there.  Before the glue dried I added another layer to make the glitter muted  (this step is really important for the overall effect!).

Next, I added bronze paint to the edges and the back. I also painted the center piece bronze on both sides (at first I was going to paint it black).

Lastly, I added sequins to the wings.  After this was dry I assembled the Totem Monarch Planter Decor with black brads and hot glued a stick to the back.


 Totem Monarch from eyeConnect Crafts

Martha Stewart paint in Pool

Tim Holtz Nautical small stamps

white and bronze acrylic paint

paint brush

hot glue gun


black VersaFine ink

heat gun

clear embossing powder


fine glitter

clear glue

black brads

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Up-Cycled Chipboard Moon Belated Birthday Card


Lilian (The Leaf Studio) here today to share a quick project…

Did you see the Solar Eclipse on Monday? Pretty cool, right?

Look what you can make, using the carrier from the Lace-Up Moon and Stars:

I was working on another project (click HERE to see) and couldn’t throw the carrier away…

So after I took all the chipboard shapes off, I inked the carrier with VersaMark ink pad and heat embossed it in Ultra-Thick Embossing Enamel in Gold (you can embossed it a couple of times)…

Then, I die cut a yellow paper and adhered it on card.

I stamped a sentiment on white paper, using Memento Paris Dusk ink pad, trimmed it out and adhered it on card:

Finally, I adhered the embossed carrier on the card:

Other idea is to use the carriers as templates for your kids to draw on paper, cut out and assemble the shapes!



Lace-Up Moon and Stars carrier

Rectangular Stitched Die Cut (ODBD – Our Daily Bread Designs)


Sentiment Stamp (Club Scrap Lagoon Colllection)

White and Yellow papers

Memento Paris Dusk (Tsukineko/Imagine Crafts)





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Kids Craft: Popsicle Stick Whale

Today I am sharing a kids craft activity using one of the most basic crafting supplies – Popsicle sticks. Popsicle sticks have so many possibilities. It is a fun, low-cost and easy to find material.

To make this Popsicle stick Whale you will need:

  • Popsicle stick
  • Acrylic paint and paint brush
  • Super glue
  • Sharpie/pen for adding details or googly eye
  • Totem Whale
  • Mini Brads

Let’s grab those craft supplies, follow the full tutorial below and have a “whale-y-good-time”! Happy crafting!


Unpack the totem whale and using acrylic paint of your choice paint the totem whale pieces.

Once dry, detach the pieces and start assembling the whale with the help of some mini brads.

Piece by piece, fully assemble the totem whale.

Add some more details to the totem whale. Adhere the Popsicle stick using super glue.

Lastly, add some finishing touches. Here I decided to draw the eye. However, if you happen to have some googly eyes, glue that instead.

Let everything dry completely before proudly displaying!

The fun part about the Popsicle stick animals is that you can add a magnet behind them or stick a thread on the back and use it an an ornament.

I hope you enjoyed this idea.

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How To Make A Steampunk Hot Air Balloon

I love all things steampunk, so when I came along the Lace Up Hot Air Balloon I knew I wanted to create a great flying contraption of my own…even if it was made of paper!

Using a handful of supplies, many I’m sure most of you crafty folk already have, I made this shining balloon to use in scrapbooking and card-making projects, or you can attach it to a magnet and hang it on the fridge!

Steam Punk Hot Air Balloon

The first step of this project was covering the bracing and basket pieces with the gold label paper.

I realize that everyone might not have gold label paper, any metal colored paper will do. In fact, this might be an excellent opportunity to try out your paint or stamping techniques to create a faux sheet of metal.

Secondly, I used a bit of glue to cover the balloon chipboard piece with a cool checkered paper from an old Flow book. Have you checked these books out? They are a paper lover’s dream!

With all the pieces I just used scissors to trim away excess paper, but if you have a craft knife, it’d be even easier.

The ropes were not nearly as complicated as I thought they’d be!

First, I looped six pieces of the elastic thread through the bracing piece and then the top of the balloon. I used hot glue to secure the ends to the back of the balloon.

Second, I repeated the process with a thick quilting thread, but from the bracing to the basket. *You don’t want to glue these strings down just yet, so make sure they are plenty long enough.

Third, I stretched the bracing down to where I wanted it and hot glued it into place.

Finally, I flipped over the entire project, pulled down the basket so that all the strings were even, and hot glued everything into place.

This project was so much easier than I thought I was going to be! I’m sorry I didn’t get more complicated and create a clever steam-punk inspired pattern with the “ropes!”



  • Lace-Up Hot Air Balloon
  • Gold Label Paper (or any metallic paper)
  • Checkered or Striped Cardstock
  • Glue
  • Elastic Thread
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Glue