Project Ideas

15 Ways to Use EyeConnect Crafts Unique Chipboard Embellishments.

  1. In a scrapbook layout of your Summer Vacation to the Beach (Suggested designs Oceanic Creatures Collection)
  2. On a Save the date Card. (Suggested design, Totem Swans)
  3. On a Winter Wedding Invitation. (Suggested design, Totem Penguins)
  4. Hanging from a new babies mobile.
  5. To make a sea theme mobile decoration.
  6. To make a DIY sea themed crate.
  7. As an art journal prompt, “What is your Totem?”
  8. As a fun educational kids craft project. (Shadow Puppets)
  9. To organize and label your linens. (Suggested designs, Lace-Up Tags in LG or SM)
  10. As a Thank You card ( Suggested design, Lace-up Rain Cloud)
  11. As a Get Well Card.
  12. As a Card offering Encouragement. (Suggested design, Lace-Up Moon)
  13. As party banner decoration. ( Suggested designs, Lace-Up Flags)
  14. As a christmas decoration.  (Suggested designs, Lace-Up Bulbs)
  15. As a christmas decoration for your tree (Suggested designs, Lace-Up Stars)

As if these were not enough, please check out our blog for detailed craft project tutorials and LOTS more ideas!