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Totem Seahorse Summer Greeting Card

Hello everyone…

It is Laura here. Can you believe it’s nearly the end of July? Where did it go?

I love all things nautical. The ocean is definitely a source of inspiration for me and today I would like to share a Summer Themed Greeting Card featuring Totem Seahorse.

This card was a delight to make.

Supplies needed:

  • Cardstock (4″ x 5 1/4″)
  • Blank A2 size card (4 1/4″ x 5.5″)
  • Stencil
  • Summer themed sentiment stamp
  • Bubble wrap
  • Totem Poppet Seahorse
  • Mini brads
  • Washi tape
  • Ink
  • Acrylic block
  • Acrylic block (pink, blue, white)
  • Paintbrush


Grab Totem Seahorse and Mini brads.


Paint the chipboard (I chose pink color for the seahorse, but coral would be beautiful as well).


Once the chipboard is dry, start assembling the Totem Seahorse.

I love how nicely it came together. This will make a beautiful focal point for the greeting card.


Prepare the cardstock with your choice of paint.


Now this is where things get interesting. While I was rummaging through supplies, I came across some bubble wrap and decided to incorporate it into the project. I attached the bubble wrap to wet background and waited until it dried…


Once the cardstock has dried, I removed the bubble wrap to reveal a pattern. I was hoping for a more striking effect. Now that I think about it, I should have applied paint to bubble wrap directly and dabbed the white cardstock, that would have been a nice effect. There is always next time 🙂


I decided to use a stencil and white acrylic paint to create more interest. I also attached the background layer to the greeting card.


Assemble the greeting card. This step requires gluing the Totem Seahorse and decorating the card. I used some washi tape to add more interest to the card.


Lastly, I stamped the sentiment. If you do not happen to have anything nautical, use a pen and write a nice greeting.

And here it is, my summer greeting card!!!

I hope you love what I’ve created!

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Easy to Make Bendy Straw Duck Puppets

It’s camp week at our house which means it’s uncommonly quiet and not once have I been asked, “Can I play on the…”. The toddler and I agree it’s a beautiful thing and it’s made craft time a little more special since it’s just us. I love working on projects as a family, but I forget how much fun it can be to spend one-on-one time making. There are fewer distractions and comparisons being made; there’s an intimacy to the moment that lets the imagination soar!

Speaking of pretend play, here’s how we made a family of duck puppets using bending straws.

Duck Family Puppets

First, gather your supplies. In the picture above you can see I started out using kids’ washable paints, they did not work well at all, and we ended up painting over them with a thicker acrylic.

Second, Paint your ducks! We went for the classic yellow and orange, but if you’re crafting with older kids, you could always get more creative with their colors.

If there is one mistake I regularly make with the Totem Poppets it’s not paying attention to the image and painting the WRONG SIDES. To be sure you don’t make this mistake paint both sides of your pieces!

To be certain you don’t make this mistake paint both sides of your pieces!

After the paint has dried, go ahead and use the mini brads to assemble the ducks, using the picture as a guide.

If you’d like you can paint the brads so that they are yellow too.

Finally, use a little bit of glue to attach the eyes and straws.

Using bendy straws instead of craft sticks of dowels was my son’s idea. As he explained, then the ducks can move even more!


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Christmas in July- fast and easy card with Lace Up Celebration Bulbs

Dawn (the little mennonite) here with a Christmas card.  I know its early but it always helps to make Christmas cards throughout the year so that they are already done by December.  I used the celebration bulbs lace ups from eyeConnect Crafts to make this easy card.

Ten of these bulbs come in the lace up celebration bulbs package.  This project only uses four, so you can make many projects from one bulb package.


Take each bulb and colour it directly with distress ink.  I used candied apple for the red and pine needles for the green.  Since, distress ink stays wet (only for a very short time), I quickly added clear embossing powder and heat set it.  This creates a “shiny Christmas bulb look.”  Make two red and two green.

Tip: Only do one bulb at a time.

Paint the top of each bulb with bronze craft paint.  Let dry.  Add all four lace up celebration bulbs to a string of Lawn Fawn gold cord.

Cut out a piece of 4 3/4 x 5 patterned Christmas paper for the background (I used Lawn Fawn paper) and adhere to a white A2 card front with foam squares for added interest and dimension.  Choose a cherry Christmas sentiment and adhere to the bottom right corner with adhesive.  I choose to ink mine with Versafine ink onto vellum, pour over clear embossing powder and heat set; however, if this is not method is not available to you, you could print out a sentiment on a computer or write one directly on the patterned paper with a black pen.

Take all four bulbs, still connected on the cord, and decide how you want to arrange them on the card front.  Adhere two foam squares to the backs of all four lace up celebration bulbs.  Adhere bulbs to card front.  Twist the cord as desired for maximum interest.  Adhere each cord end to the card with wet adhesive like glossy accents.  Give to someone you love.


eyeConnect Crafts lace up celebration bulbs

bronze paint

paint brush

gold Lawn Fawn cord

patterened Christmas paper

white A2 card



clear embossing powder

black Versafine ink

heat gun


foam squares

glossy accents

pine needles distress ink

candied apple distress ink

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Happy Canadian Day!

July 1 was Canadian Day. This Year Canada is celebrating 150 years! Congratulations! Put lovely Design Team Member Dawn did an extra -and extra cool- centerpiece using two Totem Poppet swans as Canadian Geese. What a great idea! 

Check it out:

And check out the full post on how to make your own here:

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Sneak peak of the forthcoming Splash Biome Tunnel Book!

It’s been a long time in the making, but I’m happy to be able to finally share with you a sneak peak at the forthcoming Splash Biome Tunnel Book I have been developing!

For quite some time now I have though the Totem Poppets needed a home. I wanted to make sure that it was both interesting and educational and also customizable. The pages fit a standard 3 ring binder and come preshaoed to look like a Splash that is receding as you turn the pages. Here are 6 pages total, each made from a nice stiff 100% recycled chipboard.

So to that effect, here a short flip through of the finished prototype of the Splash Biome Tunnel Book due to be released in the fall!



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Kid-Friendly Critters – Frog/Toad and Lizard

Hello, dear friends!

Lilian (The Leaf Studio) here…it’s my turn to post today!!!

Summer is officially here and so is Summer Break! What do you do when your kids are out of school?

I asked my kids if they wanted to paint and they said “yes”! So, they “helped” me with my project! =)

They chose Totem Lizard and Totem Frog/Toad to work with:

They started by painting the Totem Poppets pieces with white acrylic paint:

After it dried, they chose their own colors to paint (you can remove the pieces from the carrier before you paint, but I thought it would be easier for them…not to loose the smaller pieces):

My oldest son (6) decide to paint the Sun, sky, grass and a flower on his Totem Frog/Toad. He was also able to assemble (most of) his own Totem Poppet by himself, using Mini-Brads Assorted Greens. Using mini-brads, the Totem Poppets remain movable:

And…ready to play:

Here’s the finished Totem Frog/Toad:

And the finished Totem Lizard (I helped my youngest with the dots on the tail…but he painted the rest):

They were so happy that they could play with these movable Totem Poppets!


Totem Frog/Toad

Totem Lizard

Mini-Brads Assorted Greens

White and Blue Acrylic Paints

Pearlescent Paints in different colors


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Chipboard Nursery Wall Decoration

Beautiful nursery decorations doesn’t need to cost a fortune. With a touch of creativity you can make your own gorgeous nursery décor. After all adding some handmade touches to the room can go a long way in making it feel unique and lovely. When you’re doing it yourself, you can make a one of a kind project, that can be customized to your liking and well. Lets go and create a personal and unique decoration for a nursery.
This chipboard decoration project makes a wonderful baby shower or 1st birthday present too.

SUPPLIES NEEDED to make Chipboard Nursery Wall Decoration:

  • Acrylic paint (Pink)
  • Glitter
  • Ink (magenta color)
  • Paint brush
  • Twine/Ribbon/Thread
  • Background stamp
  • Lace Up Moon and Stars
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife


Prepare Lace Up Moon and Stars chipboard.

Pink acrylic paint was used to color moon and stars.


Once the paint has dried, I applied some glue and sprinkled lace up moon and stars with glitter.


I waited for the glue to dry and then shook off the glitter excess.


Using craft knife, I carefully separated lace up moon and stars and stamped the moon using a background stamp.

Here is a close up of the moon:


Lastly, everything was assembled using some twine and the Chipboard Nursery Wall Decoration was ready to be hanged on a wall or gifted.

A cost effective and totally adorable décor/gift project.

Happy Crafting!

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Alligator Kids Craft Collage

It’s summertime, well, not officially, but close enough, right? The heat of the coming months makes this the season for reptiles. While we have plenty of snakes to contend with we don’t have alligators in Missouri. As long as you don’t count this alligator collage we made using the Alligator Totem Poppet.

To celebrate the start of summer the 3-year-old and I made this super simple collage to house our scary alligator. Here’s how you can make one of your own!

Alligator Collage

When you’re crafting with younger ones, you’ve got to have everything ready to go. So be sure to set out all your supplies so when one portion of the project loses it’s appeal you can move on to the next step without much fuss.

First, we started our river scene by glueing ripped brown and beige pieces to the sides a blue sheet of scrapbooking paper.

From there we added little scraps, here and there to break up the starkness of the page. Truth be told, I’d hoped for this to be more like a mosaic, but, the toddler had other plans.

Using this stylus (by Colorbox®) made it easy for my little artist to use ink to color in our alligator using a couple different shades of green, gold, and brown.

For the next two steps I was on my own. I used the accent ink to add spots, bumps, dots, whatever you want to call them to our gator.

Once everything dried I used the mini brads to put the reptile together. As you can see in the picture, I like to lay it out how it’ll go and use the picture that comes with it as a guide.

Now, we used a tiny bit of double-sided tape to place our alligator on the paper river, but you could always glue it down. It depends on if you want to move it and play with it. My kids always want to play with them first.

So, what are you’re plans for the summer? Do you live in alligator country?


  • Alligator Totem Poppet
  • Green Mini Brads
  • Scrapbooking Paper (greens, blues, and browns)
  • Green Ink (at least 2 different shades)
  • Accent Ink (we used Smooch® in Green Apple)
  • Stylus Handle (by Colorbox®)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
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Hibiscus Lace Up Hot Air Balloon Scrapbook Page Embellishment

Dawn (the little mennonite) here today with this tropical hot air balloon.  I made it with eyeConnect crafts lace up hot air balloon.  Don’t know about you but I’ve always wanted to ride in one of these.  My Mom and I are planning to in the near future so I made this embellishment for my scrapbooking page when I finally get to go.  🙂


Paint the top of the lace up hot air balloon white.  Let dry.  Paint pink hibiscus flowers (I used a stencil for a helping hand) on the balloon.  (This picture looks glossy because I had already applied the glue for the glitter when I took the photo.)

Add glitter.  (We all need a little shine!)

Paint the bottom yellow.  Let dry.  Paint green leaves.  Dry and then add green glitter.

Finally, add black bakers twine to the lace up hot air balloon.  I tried white string at first but it looked too flimsy. However, because the bakers twine is so much thicker I only used it in every second hole on the bottom.  Embellish on scrapbooking page when ready.

Please note that a third piece comes with this hot air balloon kit but I have chosen not to use it.


eyeConnect Crafts lace up hot air balloon

pink, yellow, green and white paint

paint brush

pink and green glitter

black bakers twine (I used American Crafts)

stencil (I used a delta Creative stencil)