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Chipboard Nursery Wall Decoration

Beautiful nursery decorations doesn’t need to cost a fortune. With a touch of creativity you can make your own gorgeous nursery décor. After all adding some handmade touches to the room can go a long way in making it feel unique and lovely. When you’re doing it yourself, you can make a one of a kind project, that can be customized to your liking and well. Lets go and create a personal and unique decoration for a nursery.
This chipboard decoration project makes a wonderful baby shower or 1st birthday present too.

SUPPLIES NEEDED to make Chipboard Nursery Wall Decoration:

  • Acrylic paint (Pink)
  • Glitter
  • Ink (magenta color)
  • Paint brush
  • Twine/Ribbon/Thread
  • Background stamp
  • Lace Up Moon and Stars
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife


Prepare Lace Up Moon and Stars chipboard.

Pink acrylic paint was used to color moon and stars.


Once the paint has dried, I applied some glue and sprinkled lace up moon and stars with glitter.


I waited for the glue to dry and then shook off the glitter excess.


Using craft knife, I carefully separated lace up moon and stars and stamped the moon using a background stamp.

Here is a close up of the moon:


Lastly, everything was assembled using some twine and the Chipboard Nursery Wall Decoration was ready to be hanged on a wall or gifted.

A cost effective and totally adorable décor/gift project.

Happy Crafting!

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Alligator Kids Craft Collage

It’s summertime, well, not officially, but close enough, right? The heat of the coming months makes this the season for reptiles. While we have plenty of snakes to contend with we don’t have alligators in Missouri. As long as you don’t count this alligator collage we made using the Alligator Totem Poppet.

To celebrate the start of summer the 3-year-old and I made this super simple collage to house our scary alligator. Here’s how you can make one of your own!

Alligator Collage

When you’re crafting with younger ones, you’ve got to have everything ready to go. So be sure to set out all your supplies so when one portion of the project loses it’s appeal you can move on to the next step without much fuss.

First, we started our river scene by glueing ripped brown and beige pieces to the sides a blue sheet of scrapbooking paper.

From there we added little scraps, here and there to break up the starkness of the page. Truth be told, I’d hoped for this to be more like a mosaic, but, the toddler had other plans.

Using this stylus (by Colorbox®) made it easy for my little artist to use ink to color in our alligator using a couple different shades of green, gold, and brown.

For the next two steps I was on my own. I used the accent ink to add spots, bumps, dots, whatever you want to call them to our gator.

Once everything dried I used the mini brads to put the reptile together. As you can see in the picture, I like to lay it out how it’ll go and use the picture that comes with it as a guide.

Now, we used a tiny bit of double-sided tape to place our alligator on the paper river, but you could always glue it down. It depends on if you want to move it and play with it. My kids always want to play with them first.

So, what are you’re plans for the summer? Do you live in alligator country?


  • Alligator Totem Poppet
  • Green Mini Brads
  • Scrapbooking Paper (greens, blues, and browns)
  • Green Ink (at least 2 different shades)
  • Accent Ink (we used Smooch® in Green Apple)
  • Stylus Handle (by Colorbox®)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
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Hibiscus Lace Up Hot Air Balloon Scrapbook Page Embellishment

Dawn (the little mennonite) here today with this tropical hot air balloon.  I made it with eyeConnect crafts lace up hot air balloon.  Don’t know about you but I’ve always wanted to ride in one of these.  My Mom and I are planning to in the near future so I made this embellishment for my scrapbooking page when I finally get to go.  🙂


Paint the top of the lace up hot air balloon white.  Let dry.  Paint pink hibiscus flowers (I used a stencil for a helping hand) on the balloon.  (This picture looks glossy because I had already applied the glue for the glitter when I took the photo.)

Add glitter.  (We all need a little shine!)

Paint the bottom yellow.  Let dry.  Paint green leaves.  Dry and then add green glitter.

Finally, add black bakers twine to the lace up hot air balloon.  I tried white string at first but it looked too flimsy. However, because the bakers twine is so much thicker I only used it in every second hole on the bottom.  Embellish on scrapbooking page when ready.

Please note that a third piece comes with this hot air balloon kit but I have chosen not to use it.


eyeConnect Crafts lace up hot air balloon

pink, yellow, green and white paint

paint brush

pink and green glitter

black bakers twine (I used American Crafts)

stencil (I used a delta Creative stencil)


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Lace-Up Moon and Stars: Love You…Altered House


Lilian (The Leaf Studio) here to share a project using Lace-Up Moon and Stars:

How-To (Lace-Up Moon and Stars):

1. Remove Moon from the carrier and ink it with VersaMark (and no, that hand is not mine! My son B was helping me, so I could take the pictures):

2. Sprinkle Platinum UTEE (Ultra-Thick Embossing Enamel) and heat emboss. Let it cool down and repeat a second time (Steps 1-2).

3. Loop some sequined embroidery thread through the holes and set aside

4. Without removing the stars from the carrier, ink them with VersaMark .

5. Sprinkle Gold UTEE and heat emboss. Let it cool down and repeat.

6. Remove stars from the carrier.

7. Thread one end through one star and tie a knot (using both ends) at the desired height.

How-To (Wooden House):

1. I purchased these wooden houses at my local craft store a while ago and let my kids paint them. I altered one of them by adding some Pearlescent Purple paint on the “green” house.

2. After it dried, I added some Pearlescent Blue diluted with water. Let it dry.

3. Finally, I added some diluted Pearlescent Black (except on the back side) and let dry.

4. On the back side, I painted a rectangle in light blue and let dry.

5. Then, with a black Sharpie, I wrote the quote and doodled the hearts (I must say the regular Sharpie wasn’t working so well, but it was all I had that would work…so, if I try it again, I would use paint markers instead or apply a thin layer of Mod Podge before writing).

6. Adhere Lace-Up Moon and Stars on the front.


Lace-Up Moon and Stars

VersaMark ink pad (Tsukineko/Imagine Crafts)

Platinum and Gold UTEE (Ultra-Thick Embossing Enamel/Ranger)

Sequined Embroidery Thread


Wooden House

Pearlescent Purple, Blue & Black paints

Light Blue Acrylic Paint (Liquitex)


Black and Red Sharpie markers

Adhesive (I used Mod Podge Dimensional Magic)

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3 dimensional gift tag

Learn how to make gift tags in a few simple steps!

Perhaps you have a wedding, graduation or a birthday party coming up? Whatever it is, handmade gift tags will come in very handy and most definitely won’t go unnoticed. DIY gift tags are very simple to make and can also be used as place cards for your gatherings! You could also string a batch of these tags together on a line of baker’s twine or ribbon to make a garland.


  • Acrylic paint (I used white)
  • Ink
  • Watercolor
  • Paper
  • Stamps
  • Totem Birds + Mini Brads
  • Paint brush
  • Tag die  / or you can cut it out a tag out of a paper by hand


Cut out the tag .


Prepare Totem Birds by painting the chipboard with any color of your choice.


Let it dry.


Create a background for your tag. I decided to stamp.


Once the base paint is dry, stamp totem birds. You could also doodle or draw anything that you wish.


Assemble bird totems.


I decided to add more color to the gift tag using some watercolor.


Assemble the gift tag. Totem bird was adhered with glue.


And you are done! I hope I inspired you to create some lovely gifts tags!

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Using Totems to Learn About Pollinators

This time of year flying insects are both welcome and detested in our gardens. No one likes getting bitten up by mosquitos or when the squash bugs attack our zucchini. But, without other pollinating insects, like bumble bees and dragonflies, our gardens would be lost!

Teaching the kids about pollinators and how insects help plants grow is such a fun lesson. It encourages them to look at insects as more than pests and understand more about the connection between nature and our food supplies. EyeConnect Crafts Bee and Dragonfly Totem make great supplements to use in pollinator and insect studies. Here’s how we made our totems and used them in our lessons.  

 Bee and Dragonfly Totems

For this project instead of the usual liquid paints, we used solid tempera paint sticks. They worked well and dried quickly. I realized afterward that they’d make it super easy to paint pieces of the totem that had already been popped out.

Dragonflies are a particular favorite of mine; I love all the amazing colors and styles. Plus, did you know they were around back in the time of dinosaurs?

After the pieces are completely dry, we used the green and black mini brads to construct the insects. The brads are pretty small and can be hard for little hands to open without help.

Finally, after they were put together, we used glitter glue to add a bit of sparkle to our bugs. This step wasn’t necessary, but my kids are always up for adding sparkle to a project.

There are so many ways you can use these totems in your lessons here are just a few!

  1. Have students draw gardens and attach their insects.
  2. Hang the flying insects throughout your classroom or home.
  3. Just make them and encourage imaginative play!


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Encouraging eyeConnect Crafts Lace Up Rain Cloud


Hello, Dawn (the little mennonite blog) here today to show you how to use the eyeConnect Crafts Lace Up Rain Cloud to create this wall hanger.


Paint the cloud white in a swirly pattern and colour the raindrops dark blue with felt marker.  I wanted the brown to show through a bit because it darkened the cloud and gave it more depth and a slightly cloudy feel.

Add blue glitter glue to the rain drops.

Connect the raindrops to the cloud with white string.

Stamp out an umbrella (I used a Simon Says Stamp stamp set) two times onto white cardstock.  Colour both umbrellas as desired with felt markers (I used Promarkers).  Colour both umbrella exactly the same.  Cut out the first umbrella, with a white boarder around it, and glue it to the cloud.  Cut the top of the second umbrella only and adhere on top of the first umbrella with foam squares.  Stamp the sentiment onto vellum with Versafine Ink.  Pour over clear embossing powder and heat set with a heat gun.  Cut out the sentiment and glue it to the eyeConnect Crafts Rain Cloud with Glossy Accents.  Add three gems in a triangle with glossy accents.  Adhere magnet or string to the back. Find a friend to encourage and give it to them as a gift.


eyeConnect Crafts Lace Up Rain Cloud

white paint

paint brush


blue, pink, green and purple markers (I used Promarkers)

blue glitter glue

white string

white cardstock

black Versafine ink

black Memento ink


clear embossing powder

heat gun


umbrella stamp (the one I used is no longer made)

sentiment (this can be printing on a computer and cut out)

foam squares

glossy accents adhesive






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Mother’s Day Corset Flower Tutu Card

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching…I (Lilian/The Leaf Studio) thought I would make a card, featuring the Lace-Up Corset, Large in a flower tutu dress style card:

How-To Lace-Up Corset, Large:

1. Apply white gesso on (I usually leave the die cut shape on the carrier for this step). Let dry.

2. Ink your rubber stamp in pink and stamp on the Lace-Up Corset, Large.

If the stamp is not big enough to cover the entire Corset, just ink and stamp the uncovered areas.

3. Remove the shapes off the carrier.

4. Use ribbon of choice to lace the Corset together.

5. Tie a bow on the top.


How-To Card:

1. Trim purple cardstock for the 5″ x 7″ card base.

2. Layer patterned paper and a silver paper on.

3. Adhere the Corset on.

4. Use a die-cutting machine to cut flower shapes out of pearlescent red paper (or color of your choice). You could use punches, instead.

5. Assemble the flowers and add a silver pearl in the centers.

6. Adhere the flowers at the bottom of the Corset.


Lace-Up Corset, Large

White Gesso (Faber-Castell)


Chocolate Grosgain Ribbon (Club Scrap Cherry Blossoms Collection)

Rubber Stamp (Northwoods)

Memento Rose Bud  ink pad (Tsukineko/Imagine Crafts)

Purple and Pearlescent Cherry Cardstock, Printed Paper and Silver Paper (Club Scrap Cherry Blossoms Collection)

Flower Market Cricut CTMH Cartridge

Cricut Expression 2 machine

Adhesive Silver Pearls

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Mixed Media Monarch Butterfly Ornament

Does your garden/patio need a little pick me up? Today I will be sharing how to make a mixed media monarch butterfly, which will add some life to any garden/patio. This butterfly ornament could be used as a patio or flower pot decoration piece or even used as a fence decor. This is a great project to do with kids as it is simple enough and does not take a long time to complete.

Let me show you how easy this was to make and put together!


Acrylic paint (I used pink, purple, white colors)
Modeling paste
Totem Monarch Butterfly + Mini Brads
Paint brushes/pallet knife


Prepare the supplies.


Paint the totem poppet with the paint of your choice.

I used white as a base color, then added pink and purple.


Assemble the monarch butterfly.


Use a stencil and modeling paste to make patterns on the monarch butterfly ornament.


Wait for the modeling paste to dry and go decorate or play outside.