Are you a Craft Store Owner?

Are you looking to add Variety to your art inventory?

  • Are your customers looking for the latest new art supplies?
  • Do you love being able to offer products that customers can’t get in the big box stores?
  • Perhaps your store based near a popular, seasonal vacation location? And  your customers are beach goers or hikers and bikers, birders, photographers or kayaks looking to commemorate their latest adventure with the kids.
  • Or are you affiliated with a nature center, looking to add a product with a DIY component to your educational workshops or gift shop?

Just small enough for use on a greeting card, or in an art journal, but big enough to make a serious IMPACT in a scrapbook, EyeConnect Crafts’ designs are unlike any other chipboard embellishment on the market. In addition to being perfect for gesso, paint, stamps, gelatos, as well as ribbon or string; every design has a Do-It-Yourself component. The Totem PopPet animal designs are move-able while the Lace-Ups are designed specifically to appeal to the textile artist.

Whether your store is located near the ocean, the mountains or the desert—we have an animal totem in our ever-growing Totem Poppet Collection that will fit with your theme. Each animal totem is move-able making the “pose-abilities” endless. The adorable Totem PopPet animal designs are fun DIY (Do It Yourself) craft projects; perfect for kids, gardeners, nature lovers and the young at heart.