Totem Monarch

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Floating on the air with brilliant wings of orange and black, these deceptively fragile creatures fly thousands of miles on a migration that takes four generations. The eggs of monarchs are laid on just one type of vegetation, milk weed. With the decrease in the monarchs’ natural food source, the number of these beautiful creatures have decreased significantly. But, despite this, these amazing creatures have persevered. This perseverance might be just what you need. The end of your journal may seem far off, but with determination, and a little bit of luck you too can make it.


Approximately 6.7” x 4.8“ this large butterfly is modeled from the shape of the monarch butterfly and its chrysalis. Add orange and black patterning to create your own monarch or go wild and design your very own stunning and movable butterfly! Each piece has 1/16” holes for assembly.

Place your finished butterfly in a specimen box, or attach him/her to a chopstick to make a shadow puppet to play with or as an addition to a flower bouquet! For more assembly and project ideas, please visit our blog.

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