Brass Eyelets 1/16″ – 100 Pieces

$5.50 $2.75

Specifically selected to work with EyeConnect Crafts’  Totem Poppets, these adorable 1/16 inch brass eyelets have just enough length of shaft to create the perfect lip when set. Not too much, so that they become mangled and flattened, and not too little, so that the pieces will not hold, these 1/16 inch brass eyelets are just right!


1/16″ Brass Eyelets

Pack of 100

Also available in:


  • 1/16″ Eyelet setter tool required.
  • Eyelet setting tool not included.
  • We stock and recommend the Fiskar spring loaded three pack of eyelet setting tools.
  • Please use a protected surface when setting eyelets.

Additional information

Weight 3 g

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