Lace-Up Birdcage Circular, Small


Birdcages are romantic and at the same time nostalgic. They have been used by both ancient and more modern societies to bring the beauty and song of the bird into our homes and into our lives.  Use these lace-up birdcages to house our Songbird Totem Poppets or our Grasshopper Totem Poppet. Use lace, string or ribbon to embellish the bars and give your birdcage a one-of-a-kind design.

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Lace-Up Small Birdcage

Approximately 2.7” x 8” with 1/8” holes this darling little DIY birdcage has an arched roof that adds magical charm to any design. Paint, stamp, or zentangle this unique die cut birdcage and then lace it up with ribbon, string, twine or even chain! One per package. For more projects and design ideas, please visit our website at

Made in the USA
100% Recycled.

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