Lace-Up Heart, Large


We have all had our hearts broken at some point or another. Lost loves, failed ambitions, shattered dreams… But we go on. We heal. With time and determination, we can mend our broken hearts. Stitch your broken heart back together with the things you treasure: Grandma’s lace, snippets of ribbon or string. The Lace-Up Broken Hearts are available in large or small.

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Large Lace-Up Broken Heart

Approximately 4” x 4“ with 1/8” holes these broken hearts are special. Give the other half to your love; or keep it and mend your own broken heart. These large broken hearts come with two per package so you can do both! For more examples and design ideas, please visit our website at

Made in the USA.
100% Recycled.

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Weight 20 g

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