Lace-Up Mandala/Spider Web, Large


Spider webs and mandalas: elegant, delicate, temporal. These circular designs appeal to our senses in so many ways. Now you can incorporate the radiating beauty of the circular mandala into your work with our Lace-Up Mandala/Spider Web. Use a colorful ribbon to create a mandala. Or use a transparent fishing line or shimmery ribbon to create a spider web.

Product Description

At a whopping 6” x 6“ with 1/4” holes this large mandala design is perfect for making a statement! They can be a spider web, a snowflake or a mandala. Use your favorite ribbon, string, leather or lace to add personality. One per package. For more examples and design ideas please visit our website at

The Mandala/Spiderweb Lace-Ups are available in a very dainty Small size, an all around functional Medium size and a make-a-statement Large size.

Made in the USA.
100% Recycled.

Additional Information

Weight 20 g


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