This Lace-Up Moon and Stars is a fun and easy craft project. Use ribbon, or string to lace up the moon and stars and add pop to your next craft project.

Lace-Up Moon and Stars


Now you too can swing from the moon, with this unique Lace-Up Moon and Stars design. The moon by itself measures a sizable 3” x 4“ and has 1/8” holes from which to dangle your seven unique stars. One moon and seven unique stars per package. For more craft project ideas, please visit our blog.

Product Description

“Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.” ~ W. Clement Stone.

Now you can capture both the beauty of the moon, and the stars, with this beguiling Lace-Up design. This elegant crescent moon comes with a variety of different shaped stars -no two alike- that you can dangle from the moon’s tip with string, ribbon, leather or lace.  So go ahead, and shoot for the moon!

Idea: Pair the Lace-Up Moon and Stars with EyeConnect Crafts’ Lace-Up Cloud for a complete nighttime sky.


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