With this fun and unique craft project, you can turn your Lace-Up Skull into a sugar skull, a festive Day of the Dead design or scary decor for Halloween!

Lace-Up Skull


Throughout history the symbol of the skull has been a powerful image used by rulers and pirates, religion and science. In classical art the skull was used to symbolize mortality. Today, skulls are used on just about every type of design and on every surface: from high fashion to trendy attire, the skull is a prominent and versatile symbol.

Product Description

Approximately 4.5” x 5.3” when complete, the Lace-Up Skull can be scary and spooky for Halloween or fun and festive for Day of the Dead! The holes for the teeth are 3/16” so that you can add eyelets or rhinestones, or you can create symbolic teeth with string, ribbon, leather, lace. One skull and one lower jawbone per package. For more project ideas, please visit our website at EyeConnectCrafts.com.


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