New Blue and purple mini brads.

Mini-brads, 25 piece – Assorted Blues


EyeConnect Crafts now carry 6 different colors of these adorable mini brads! Super tiny with shorter prongs and smaller heads these mini-brads are unobtrusive and super easy to use. No tools required! Just insert through the holes of your joints and spread the two prongs.

Tips & Tricks:

  • We suggest spreading the prongs in a 180 for best hold.
  • To make the mini-brads or joints “tighter” try using the back of a pen or the eraser on a pencil to push the prongs down.

Product Description

Assorted Blue Mini Brads

No tools required

Pack of 25

Great for putting together the Totem Poppets, EyeConnect Crafts’ mini brads come in packs of 25, and are available in 6 different colors:

Additional Information


assorted browns, assorted greens, black, gold, silver, white


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