The New Start Craft Kit makes getting started with a selection of our most popular beginner crafts and 2 different assembly options.
Educational kids crafts: Totem Poppet Owl as a shadow puppet. Details...TP_Owl_700_Web-Image-Assembled-450x450Quick and easy anniversary card.Lace-Up Large Broken heartsNo tools required to use these great spring loaded Fiskar 3 piece eyelet setters and hole punches.Great for putting together the Totem Poppets, EyeConnect Crafts' brass eyelets come in packs of 25, 50 and 100. An eyelet setting tool is required.Great for putting together the Totem Poppets, EyeConnect Crafts' mini brads come in packs of 25, and are available in 6 different colors. No tools required. Pictured: BlackThe Totem Monarch assembled with mini brads makes a fun beginner craft.Learn about monarchs by designing your very own orange and black Totem Monarch butterfly or get creative and make your craft project one of a kind.Totem Poppet Monarch in bouquet of hydrangeas.ECCMonarchCreate_3694

Starter Craft Kit!


Product Description

Starter Craft Kit

Our New Starter Craft Kit is a great option for beginner crafting. You get you everything you need to get started making crafts. Plus you automatically get 10% off!

You get three of our most popular designs, plus both eyelets and mini brads. AND you get a set of the Fiskar Eyelet setting/hole punch tools so that you can test out the different assembly options.

Included in the Starter Kit:



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