Totem Alligator

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Alligators often spend hours just laying in the sun, waiting. But don’t be deceived by their appearance of inactivity. This totem is subtle and patient, waiting for just the right time to take a stand or to make a serious change. Once an opportunity presents itself, the Alligator Totem Poppet can move very quickly. Alligators are also very tenacious; when they get a hold of something they want they never let go. If the alligator is your totem, you may need to relax and wait for the right moment to make your move. Emotional and strong, you’re fiercely protective of those you love.


The Alligator Totem Poppet comes with one head, one torso, one tail, two back thighs, two back legs, two front forearms and two front legs. Approximately 4″ x 6″, this Totem Poppet uses 10 1/16″ eyelets for its assembly. Although the holes in each piece are designed to take 1/16″ eyelets, you can also use a variety of other attachment options. Please see our blog for more assembly ideas and projects.

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Weight 20 g

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