Totem Cat, Sleeping, Large


Nocturnal, the cat totem is symbolic of the mystery and the secrets of the dark, and of the night. Fiercely independent, yet decidedly loyal, cat people often bond strongly to just one or two individuals. These bonds go deeper and last a lifetime. Being naturally curious, they are fond of questions, and are willing to investigate into matters that others are likely to shy away from. If the cat is your totem, you may want to meditate on the value of a nap in the sun, stretching and quiet time alone.


The sleeping Cat Totem Poppet is an adorable addition to a card, art journal or art project. Now available ins a large size this extremely popular design is approximatly 4.3″ x 3.8” this Totem Poppets has 1/16” holes for assembly. Please see our blog for more assembly options and projects ideas.