Totem Dolphin


Dolphins are of two worlds: that of the cool colorful waters of the world’s oceans, and that of the bright sparkling waves and air of the sky above. Dolphins can ride the waves of a big ship, leaping and skimming ahead of the turbulence, or they can leave it all behind to flit in-between the colorful corals and fish of the ocean’s deep. If you find yourself drawn to this totem, you are likely in need of some color and some fun!


The Dolphin Totem Poppet comes with two head/neck pieces, two torsos, two tail pieces and four fins so that you can make two different-sized dolphins: perhaps a couple or a mother and her calf? Approximately 4” x 6” and 2″ x 3″ when assembled, these Totem Poppets use four 1/16” eyelets for assembly. Although the holes in each piece are designed to take 1/16″ eyelets, you can also use a variety of other attachment options. Please see our blog for more assembly ideas and projects.

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Weight 20 g

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