Totem Rhino

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When a rhino appears in your life, you know it is time to stand tall and wait. Solitary and intense, the appearance of this animal totem symbolizes balance and stability. Rhinos encourage us to trust the ground beneath our feet and seek joy in simple things. Rhinos are also emblematic of our body, reminding us that every human being is beautiful in one way or another.

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The Rhino Totem Poppet comes with two body plate pieces, two hind hocks, four lower leg pieces, a tail, one head and two ears. Approximately 5 ½” x 3”, this Poppet uses 1/16” eyelets for assembly. Although the holes in each piece are designed to take 1/16″ eyelets, you can also use a variety of other attachment options. Please see our blog for more assembly ideas and projects.

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