Totem Spider


Approximately 3.9” x 4” the Totem Spider has 1/16” holes for assembly. This design works well with our Lace-Up Mandala in Large. The Totem Spider comes with two body pieces, and eight legs. Please see our blog for more assembly options and project ideas at


Revered by the Native American people as Grandmother -the link to the past and the future- and by the Greeks as connected to The Fates, the spider is a special totem symbolizing creativity and the weaving of fate. A spider’s web is deceptively strong and fascinatingly beautiful in their delicate intricacy. Their strength and their symmetry is a testament to natures’ amazing engineering ability. How do they know how to make these webs? Watch a spider as they weave their web -and wait for their prey- and you just might learn the importance of patience.


Idea: Pair the Totem Spider with the Lace-Up Mandala/Spider Web in Large for a spooky Halloween decoration!

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