Totem Turtle


Turtles carry their homes on their backs. Some Native American tribes believed that the turtle carried the world on its back, or that the 13 moons of the seasons was represented on a turtle’s shell. There is so much symbolism inherent in the turtle totem. When a turtle shows up in your life, remember to look up and observe the miracle of the moon and the passing seasons. If the turtle is your totem, while you know that there is no place like home, you’re also able to make yourself at home wherever you are.


The Turtle Totem Poppet comes with seven pieces: one shell, one tail, one head and four legs. Approximately 4.8” x 3.7” when assembled, this Totem Poppet uses  1/16” eyelets for assembly. Although the holes in each piece are designed to take 1/16″ eyelets, you can also use a variety of other attachment options. Please see our blog for more assembly ideas and projects.

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Weight 20 g


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